Feed: Google Blog - Live
 Title: Google Video. Now with ...video!
Author: A Googler 
Matthew Vosburgh, Google Video Software Engineer

A couple of months ago we launched a video uploader so you could add your own videos to Google Video. Well, now we're ready to start displaying all that stuff.

I've been amazed by your cool videos. I had never seen a robot dog harassing an iguana before, or a monkey doing karate, and I had no idea you were such good dancers.

The clips play right in the page using the brand new Google Video Viewer: a free browser plugin for Windows made by our engineer Aaron Lee using code from the open-source Videolan project. It works great in both Firefox and IE, and we've designed it not to fight with any other video plugins you might have. We're releasing the Windows version first, with Mac (soon) and Linux (later) versions following, the same way we released the Google Video Uploader.

A feature we're especially pleased with is the ability to search inside a video. Try looking for "sergey brin" and you'll see what I mean.

So have fun watching, or shooting - and keep sending in your videos!